Fundraising Made Easy With Gsr

Fundraising Made Easy

Fundraising, especially now, is essential to our children’s schools, churches and many non-profits across the world.  On a nationwide scale, schools are experiencing 10%(+) deficits in their budgets.  This leaves over $86 billion to be funded outside of public dollars.  With traditional fundraising methods, it’s difficult to constantly come up with new ideas and get others involved.  Global Shopping Rewards, Inc. was created to be an online solution to public school funding, turning fundraising into an easy way to provide year-round results for members.  The Global Shopping Rewards Team is comprised of active PTA parents, former teachers, former elected school board members and individuals who are passionate about changing education on a national scale.

Global Shopping Rewards, Inc. is a fundraising platform that provides free, Fundraising Tools for schools.  Fundraising through Global Shopping Rewards is simple:  we provide a simple VIP cash back rewards network for FREE.  That’s right, it cost nothing to join.

By using the Global Shopping Rewards website along with our mobile application, users can now shop, save money and receive cash back while providing the much needed financial resources for their schools all at the same time.

Shop Online At Over 4,000 Stores Around The World









If you would like to find out more on just how to get started with a free account and start your fundraising with Global Shopping Rewards get in touch with me via the link below.

Send Me A Message To Get Started

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