Day 7 : Bitcoin Experiment Week Has Now Passed

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Day 7 of my digital currency experiment while i educate myself has now passed.

If you want to read how this week has gone and how and why i started this journey you can start from right at the beginning.

The last 7 days have flown over and although we started this test account at a little amount of cash that being £4 we have seen ups and downs throughout.

But as it stands we finish the week at £4.95 so are in a little bit of profit. Let’s have a run down of the week so far.

  • Day 1 £4 start off test account opened and to be left untouched end of day 1 we finished at £3.95 giving us a £0.05p loss
  • Day 2 by the end of day 2 we started at £3.95 and finished at £3.61 giving us a loss of £0.39p
  • Day 3 started at £3.61 we finished at as above £3.60 so we held on just about but still end of day loss of £0.01p
  • Total loss over the 72 hours or 3 day period of £0.40p
  • Day 4 as you see top of this page we now as low as £3.18 over 4 days a loss of £0.82p from yesterday a loss of £0.42p
  • Day 5 £4.83 from £3.18 a profit of £1.65p
  • Day 6 nearly at the end of our first week we finish at £5.60 from £4.83p again another profit of £0.77p
  • Day 7 We finish at £4.95 a drop of £0.64p on yesterday closing total



Again this all started because i had no knowledge what so ever of the digital currency scene.

And instead of being ignorant about it all and letting the opportunity pass me by. I have decided to embrace what i see is slowly going to become the future of what most of us already use the likes of paypal for or any other payment service.

Remember back in the day with paypal nobody liked it or wanted to use it. Now it has become one of the mostly used payment service and gateway to paying for your goods.

I believe in the next 10 years or so digital currency will become just the same, where it will be on all mobile phones as an app where we just simply scan our mobiles to make any payment in any shop. Just like we do with Apple Pay or Apple Wallet feature.

So what does the future hold for me and my journey into bitcoin and everything digital coin wise ?

Well i can tell you, after the brief 7 day test and learning as much as i could online and through Udemy, Google and YouTube, i have decided to now get involved with Bitcoin Mining possible in next couple of weeks or at least by the end of February 2018.

Again i will share with you all my journey and adventure into this side of the digital currency world. As for now i hope you are all enjoying what i have been blogging and hope you also have not only found these last 7 days a joy to follow but also opened your mind into what i believe will be the future of currency.

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