Day 6 : Digital Currency Growth

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Today has been a big change in the wind for my experiment.

Remember we started this journey into digital currency with a starting point of £4.

We have seen a lot of drops in the value, however today has surprised me to say the least. As of writing my Daily Blog into Bitcoin i find i’m now at £5.60 from 24 hours ago we where at £4.83 thats a £0.77p growth.

Again not life changing money i know but after all this was started as a test account to gain me more of an insight not only in the volatility of the digital currency scene but to give me more knowledge and how the daily news and current affairs can make a difference to all this. so lets have a break down again.

  • Day 1 £4 start off test account opened and to be left untouched end of day 1 we finished at £3.95 giving us a £0.05p loss
  • Day 2 by the end of day 2 we started at £3.95 and finished at £3.61 giving us a loss of £0.39p
  • Day 3 started at £3.61 we finished at as above £3.60 so we held on just about but still end of day loss of £0.01p
  • Total loss over the 72 hours or 3 day period of £0.40p
  • Day 4 as you see top of this page we now as low as £3.18 over 4 days a loss of £0.82p from yesterday a loss of £0.42p
  • Day 5 £4.83 from £3.18 a profit of £1.65p
  • Day 6 nearly at the end of our first week we finish at £5.60 from £4.83p again another profit of £0.77p


So now we are a week into watching the value of my little £4 test, and the fact that i have been super busy educating myself more each day with videos and courses into what the digital currency world is all about.

I’m glad to let my readers know i will be starting another Daily Blog off soon with regards to crypto mining. hopefully i will have this account started off in the coming 2 weeks. More on this as it becomes live.

My overall thoughts into what has happened last 6 days, i came into this with scepticism and especially caution.

Now i still know you have to treat this with caution, but my scepticism of bitcoin and digital currency has certainly been put at ease. More so with actually going out and educating myself more on the subject.

I suppose it’s all about stepping out of your comfort zone to learn something new. After all you can never progress in life with staying in your comfort zone.


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