Day 5: Digital Currency On The Rise

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Today has been a turn of events for me, for the digital currency journey. I started off with on an online experiment which its value dropped but now has now gained some legs and has grown for the first time.

Again i put money into this without looking at the current trend or market news. Risky i know but for me this was not an issue as i say in my last few daily blogs was more of an experiment, while i educated myself on the market of digital currency.

As for today i have been a little bit busy in my day to day job. I have not been able to get my teeth into the online course i have purchased from Udemy. No excuse i know, but i do have a 9 to 5 job also to contend with in the pursuit to being able to one day sack my boss and work from home.

After all isn’t that what everyone would love to do. Work from home and spend more time with the family. I know that is my aim and personal goal in life. Or at least work to some point to where my wife no longer needs to work. So she can enjoy spending more time at home possibly working for herself with what i have been putting in place over these last few years.

Not only have i been educating myself within the world of bitcoin and digital currency. But i’ve heavily been working with some great like minded networkers in the world of e-commerce which has become very good to me and a great residual income has been earned. If you would like to know more on this side of my internet business get in touch here by dropping a message HERE i will connect with you once i get the chance .


Below is a little video on just how to get started for FREE on the other side of my internet venture more on this is a different Blog.


Sign up as a vip customer to get free access to your account to earn from the big box store below. Also when you get in my Team on this free account i will not only contact you personally but i will arrange a one on  one zoom call to discuss just how we can get you earning straight away.


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