Day 4: The Biggest Drop



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Day 4 since starting my journey into educating myself within the world of crypto currency.

I started this social experiment as i will soon be getting into my mining of digital currency.

When i decided to get into this i thought to myself i would do the following.

  1. Register an online digital wallet
  2. Buy 3 different types of digital coin ( bitcoin, ethereum & litecoin ) value only £4
  3. Do not touch this account at all during the experiment
  4. Start off a daily blog with regards to show its volatility of the market
  5. Document my findings
  6. Educate myself through the use of Youtube, Udemy and Google


Again i started a nice little area on the internet for anyone interested in this kind of stuff to come join this group so we can not only all learn together but share our experiences.

After all knowledge is power and if this small group of like minded people give their input onto how they themselves got started or what they have learnt and do so far to invest it would help others that also come along for the journey.

So that brings me to what looks to be the start of a mini crash in the market here are my findings thus far on Day 4

  • Day 1 £4 start off test account opened and to be left untouched end of day 1 we finished at £3.95 giving us a £0.05p loss
  • Day 2 by the end of day 2 we started at £3.95 and finished at £3.61 giving us a loss of £0.39p
  • Day 3 started at £3.61 we finished at as above £3.60 so we held on just about but still end of day loss of £0.01p
  • Total loss over the 72 hours or 3 day period of £0.40p
  • Day 4 as you see top of this page we now as low as £3.18 over 4 days a loss of £0.82p from yesterday a loss of £0.42p

Just so you all know, i will be also blogging my crypto mining experience VERY SOON……….


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