Day 3 : In the process ?

In The Process Of Learning More


Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 19.05.14


So today is day three of my bitcoin and digital currency journey. In the space of those 72 hours i have witnessed just how quick the value of this new found experiment can go up or down.

We started as an experiment account of £4 here is how the 72 hours have played out.

  • Day 1 £4 start off test account opened and to be left untouched end of day 1 we finished at £3.95 giving us a £0.05p loss
  • Day 2 by the end of day 2 we started at £3.95 and finished at £3.61 giving us a loss of £0.39p
  • Day 3 started at £3.61 we finished at as above £3.60 so we held on just about but still end of day loss of £0.01p
  • Total loss over the 72 hours or 3 day period of £0.40p


Again as i stated earlier in my blogs this was started as a test and experiment while i started the blog and also got into educating myself on everything bitcoin.

I also now understand just how the news can effect the volatility and nature of the digital currency world.

I have taken it upon myself to look at Udemy and check out some online courses to get a further understanding into everything in the world of online bitcoin see picture below for the current one i’m watching and taking notes on.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 19.11.57

As you can see i’m only 13% into watching and taking in the extra knowledge. I must admit this particular Online course is very resourceful. No i’m not affiliated to this one course but i do highly recommend viewing this and even if you don’t have a Udemy account it is worth doing so just to view the above course.

So for now i’m heading back to digest more info through this great Udemy Course and lets see what the next 24 hours bring to my test account.

Again guys/girls if you are enjoying this blog and experiment you can join a little group i have got going once i get into the crypto mining part you can all join the discussion further through this Crypto Link Here



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